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Jesse Damon: Angel Wings Shirt

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Jesse Damon: Damon's Rage Shield Shirt

How to Get Your Damon's Rage CD

Available on CD and Download

Jesse Damon's brand new album Damon's Rage is now available on AOR Heaven Records. You can order your copy of the CD from one of the vendors linked below. It is also available at many other music vendors around the world.

More CD titles and other officiak Jesse Damon merch will be available on this page soon.

Jesse Damon - Damon's Rage CD

AOR Heaven Records


Barnes & Noble



Metal Mail Order

Music By Mail

NEH Records

Nuclear Blast

Schmankerl Records


Jesse Damon - Damon's Rage Downloads


Google Play


Compact Discs

Jesse Damon solo albums are available on CD from several different labels. Most are available on platforms such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Click on the links below to order the CD versions of these albums direct from the labels:

Jesse Damon   Damon's Rage

Jesse Damon   Southern Highway

Jesse Damon   Temptation in the Garden of Eve

Jesse Damon   Rebel Within

Jesse Damon   Nothin' Else Matters

Jesse Damon   The Hand That Rocks


Downloads and Streaming are available on all reputable platforms like Amazon, Apple Music and Spotify.