Jesse Damon Discography


Shattered Hearts     Released 1987    Chameleon - Capital Records   /   Reissued 2001   Z Records   /   Reissued 2009  Retrospect Records   /   Reissued 2021  Rock Candy Records 
Rebel With a Cause Ltd. Ed. Colored Vinyl Picture Label 12"     Released 1987    Chameleon / Capital Records
Don't Touch Me There     Released 1989    Simmons / RCA Records    /   Reissued 2001 Z Records  /  Reissued 2021  Rock Candy Records
Rebel With a Cause 12"     Released 1989     Simmons / RCA Records
Still Alive     Released 2002    Z Records
Four Letter Word     Released 2008    Frontiers Records


The Hand That Rocks    Released 2002     On Fire Records     //     Reissued 2003   Z Records
Nothing Else Matters     Released 2004     Z Records 
Something to Believe In     Released 2006     On Fire Records     //     Reissued 2006  Down to Hear Music  (Download Only Full Length Album)
Rebel Within     Released 2006     On Fire Records 
Temptation in the Garden of Eve     Released 2013     AOR Heaven Records 
Southern Highway     Released 2016     On Fire Records     //     Reissued 2016 Perris Records 
Damon's Rage     Released 2020     AOR Heaven Records


Kiss - Hot in the Shade     Released 1989     Mercury Records   Backing vocals on Prisoner of Love 
Kiss - Psycho Circus Demos     Released 1998     Silent Rage with Gene Simmons demo on We Are the One
Kiss - Revenge     Released 1992     Mercury Records     Backing Vocals  / Co-songwriter with Gene Simmons on the track Thou Shalt Not 
Kiss - The Box Set     Released 2001     Mercury Records     Limited Edition Suitcase     Silent Rage demo track Domino 
Gene Simmons - Sex Money Kiss     Released 2003      New Millennium Audio / Simmons Books     Ltd. Ed. Lunchbox Set  Reason For Living
Gene Simmons - The Vault     Released 2017     Rhino Records / Warner Music Group
Co-songwriter with Gene Simmons on the tracks Everybody Loves Somebody and Thou Shalt Not . Demos performed by Silent Rage:
Rain Keeps Falling, DominoYou’re My Reason for Living, We Are One, Hold On, Never Gonna Leave You and Thou Shalt Not


Ear Candy     Released 1987     Chameleon Records  
Hard n Heavy Video Compilation #18     Released 1992    Priority Video   
Insurrection     Released 2002     Z Records 
Pure Rock - KNAC's 10 Best From the West     Released 1987     Rampage / Rhino Records  
Rock the Bones Volume 6     Released 2008     Frontiers Records     
Rock the Nations 2     Released 2002     Z Records  
Rock the Nations 3     Released 2003     Z Records  
Rock the Nations 4     Released 2003     Z Records  
Rock the Nations 5     Released 2004     Z Records  
World Jam     Released 1997     Worldwide Records


Ghoulies 2     Released 1988     Empire Picture
Hard Rock Zombies     Released 1985     Cannon Films 
Million Dollar Mystery     Released 1987     Macola Records 
Perry Mason : The Case of the Scandalous Scoundrel     Released 1987     Viacom



AOR - Return to L.A.     Released 2015     Frederic Slama Music 
AOR - L.A. Darkness     Released 2016     Frederic Slama Music 
The Curse - The Curse     Released 1999     Foxhole Music     Backing vocals, lead and rhythm guitar 
Yuki Komoto - Sessions     Released 2008  
Yuki Komoto - Japanese Olympics     Released 2020 
Nympho - Not That Innocent     Released 2014     Asylum Music     Guest vocalist on the track Doin' Fine 
Overkill L.A. - Triumph of the Will     Released 1985     SST Records 
Doro Pesch - Unholy Love     Released 1990     Mercury Records     Backing Vocals on Vertigo 
Paul Sabu - In Dreams   Released 1994     Zero Records / Now and Then Records     Backing Vocals 
Slow Burning Car - Defection     Released 2016     Lead and rhythm guitars

Brothers in Arms - Sunset & Clark   Released 2021     Lead vocals / Co-wrote  Voices Are Calling

Barnabas Sky - inspirations     Released 2021     Lead vocals on Till the End of Time and Youngblood

Discography compiled by Jesse Damon and Steve Brownlee