The Silent Rage Story: Rebels With a Cause

Silent Rage formed in 1985 with founding members EJ Curse, Jesse Damon and Mark Hawkins. The band is known for their signature songwriting style of blending melody with hard-driving rock. Silent Rage remains unique from other 80’s bands by having Jesse Damon share the lead vocal duties with Hawkins and Curse

In 1987 they teamed up with producer/artist Paul Sabu for their first critically acclaimed CD, “Shattered Hearts” and were signed to Chameleon / Capitol Records by industry veteran Steve Brownlee.  Silent Rage appeared on three different albums simultaneously that year including the motion picture soundtrack for “Million Dollar Mystery” on Macola Records and the KNAC compilation “Ten Best From the West” on Rampage / Rhino Records. “Shattered Hearts” went on to be #1 on the European Import Charts.
In 1988 Gene Simmons signed them to Simmons Records/RCA and drummer Brian James Fox (White Tiger) joined the Band. For Silent Rage’s 2nd release, Paul Sabu and Gene Simmons were chosen to lend their production skills. In 1989 they released “Don't Touch Me There” to rave reviews. That too reached #1 on European import charts. The song “Rebel with a Cause” was released as a single and it's video debuted on MTV’s “Headbanger’s Ball“. Next the band toured with Black Sabbath for the “Headless Cross” tour. In the early 90’s Silent Rage continued touring and writing. They also wrote and performed with other projects: EJ with Doro Pesch and Jesse with Gene Simmons and Kiss. Unfortunately the grunge scene eventually forced them into hiatus. 

In 2000 Silent Rage re-united to sign a new record deal and added Rodney Pino on drums. They reissued their first two CD’s in 2001 and released their third new CD, “Still Alive” in 2002. “Still Alive” was produced by Bob Ezrin (Kiss, Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper) and co-produced by Kevin Beamish (R.E.O. Speedwagon, Y&T) and Silent Rage. They made their 1st UK appearance at the Z Rock Festival

In 2007 Silent Rage signed a new record deal with Frontiers Records for their 4th CD, “Four Letter Word”. It was released in 2008 and produced by Gilby Clarke . The material continued to mesh melody with metal and big memorable choruses. It also featured special guest performances by Bruce Kulick (KISS), Bobby Blotzer (Ratt), Gilby Clarke (Guns N Roses), Dilana (Rockstar Supernova) and even their former drummer Brian James Fox

In 2009 Retrospect Records re-issued a newly re-mastered version of the Shattered Hearts CD. Silent Rage recorded a brand new bonus track “Sole Survivor” and once again was lucky enough to have Paul Sabu produce. Silent Rage also performed at one of the US’s largest 80’s music festivals “ROCKLAHOMA 2009” and briefly toured Europe. In 2021 Rock Candy Records re-issued Shattered Hearts and Don't Touch Me There. Both titles are remastered and include an extended CD booklets with new pics and stories.
Although the band members may have ventured out (with Jesse Damon’s seven solo CD releases and EJ Curse’s bass duties with Doro Pesch, White Lion & Gilby ClarkeSilent Rage remains a major part of their musical lives. They are Rebels With A Cause. They are Still Alive. They will touch you, shatter your heart and rock you hard for another 25 years!

Original Rage Band Member Family Tree: 

1976 - 1977    EJ Curcio / Tim Reilly (aka Jesse Damon) / Mark Hawkins / Ron Stone 

1977 - 1982 - EJ Curcio Tim Reilly (aka Jesse Damon) Mark Hawkins Steve Garaffa 

1982 - 1983 - EJ Curcio / Tim Reilly (aka Jesse Damon) Mark Hawkins Brett Keys (Medusa) 

1983 - 1984 - EJ Curcio Tim Reilly (aka Jesse Damon) Mark Hawkins Pete Laufman (Malice)


Original Silent Rage Band Member Family Tree: 

1987 - 1988   EJ Curcio / Timmy James Reilly (aka Jesse Damon) / Mark Hawkins / Jerry Grant (Holiday Inn) 

1988 - 1989   EJ Curcio / Timmy James Reilly (aka Jesse Damon) / Mark Hawkins / Kelly Martella (WASP) 

1989 - 2001   EJ Curse (formerly known as EJ Curcio) / Jesse Damon  / Mark Hawkins / Brian James Fox (White Tiger) 

2002 - presentEJ Curse (formerly known as EJ Curcio) / Jesse Damon / Mark Hawkins / Rodney Pino (Love-Hate)


Side Band Projects - 1983 to Present 

EJ Curse                     The Latest Rage / Band X / No Duh / Gilby Clarke Band / Doro Pesch /White Lion / Coda / Lost Angels  

Jesse Damon           The Latest Rage / Band X / Jesse Damon Band / Electric Caravan / Brothers In Arms / Barnabus Sky 

Mark Hawkins          The Latest Rage / Band X / No Duh / Dave Sprock Band 

Rodney Pino             Data Clan / Love-Hate / No Duh / Hollywood Hot Rod / So Madonna


Silent Rage Albums & Producers 

1987    Shattered Hearts      produced by Paul Sabu 

1989    Don't Touch Me There      produced by Paul Sabu & Gene Simmons 

2002    Still Alive      produced by Bob Ezrin / Kevin Beamish / Silent Rage 

2008    Four Letter Word      produced by Gilby Clarke & Silent Rage 


Silent Rage Record Label History

Label: Foxhole Music (USA) 

Silent Rage 1986 Single 45 vinyl record 

Side A - Make It Or Break It 

Side B - Sarina 


Label: Chameleon Music Group / Capital Records (USA) 

Silent Rage 1987 Album  

Title: Shattered Hearts 


Label: Simmons Records / RCA / BMG (USA) 

Silent Rage 1989 Album 

Title: Don't Touch Me There 


Label: Z Records (UK) 

Silent Rage 2002 Album 

Title: Still Alive 


Label: Frontiers Records (Italy) 

Silent Rage 2008 Album 

Title: Four Letter Word 


Silent Rage Re-issued Albums: 

Label: Z Records (UK) 

Silent Rage 2001 Album 

Title: Shattered Hearts

 Label: Z Records (UK) 

Silent Rage 2001 Album 

Title: Don't Touch Me There


Label: Retrospect Records (USA) 

Silent Rage 2009 Album 

Title: Shattered Hearts w/bonus track 

Soul Survivor 


Label: Rock Candy Records (UK) 

Silent Rage 2021 Album 

Title: Shattered Hearts Re-Mastered 


Label: Rock Candy Records (UK) 

Silent Rage 2021 Album 

Title: Don't Touch Me There Re-Mastered 


Silent Rage Notable Live Show History 

Edgar Winter Silent Rage     Crackers, Las Vegas 1985 

Mahogany Rush Silent Rage      Fox Theater, San Diego 1986 

Seagram's Wine Cooler National Competition     Gazzarri's Night Club, Hollywood 1987  

 Chameleon Records Video-Shoot for Rebel With A Cause     The Roxy Theater, Hollywood 1987 

Silent Rage Showcase for Howard Marks     Stage West Night Club, Granada Hills 1987 

Silent Rage Lion Ron Keel     Country Club, Reseda 1988 

Kix Silent Rage  /Hurricane     The Roxy Theater, Hollywood 1988 

Simmons Records / RCA Video Shoot for Rebel With a Cause     A&M Studios / Chaplin Stage, Hollywood 1989 

Silent Rage Headliner      Anson Ford Theater, Hollywood 1989 

Black Sabbath Kingdom Come Silent Rage National Tour     Starting in Poughkeepsie, New York June, 1989 

Silent Rage Headliner     The Whiskey, Hollywood 1989 

Silent Rage & KISS perform at Gene Simmons Birthday Party Jam     Burbank Bowl, Burbank 1990 

Sammy Hagar / Silent Rage     Red Rocker Clothing line Party     The Shark Club, Las Vegas 1990 

Foghat Silent Rage     Club Rock, Las Vegas 1991 

Pantera Dangerous Toys Silent Rage     C-5 Club, Honolulu 1992 

Silent Rage Headliner      Hurricanes, Las Vegas 1993 

9/11 Salvation Army Benefit Concert Silent Rage / Don Dokken / Joshua Parahia & Guests     Galaxy Theater, Santa Ana 2001 

Silent Rage performs at Z Rock Festival     The Marquee Club, Manchester UK 2002 

Silent Rage performs at Z Rock Festival     Ludwigshaffen, Germany 2002 

Jackyl Silent Rage     The Key Club, Hollywood 2003 

Silent Rage performs South Bay Music Awards     Hermosa Beach 2003 

Silent Rage European Tour     Italy/Switzerland - 2009 

Silent Rage performs at Rocklahoma     Prior, Oklahoma 2009 

Silent Rage Reunion     The Brixton, Redondo Beach 2010 

Silent Rage Dilana     The Dive, Redondo Beach 2011 

Silent Rage performs at Firefest 9     Rock City, Nottingham UK 2011